Purchasing, Inventory & Cost Controls

We will have systems in place to keep costs down and run most efficiently. It’s not just up to you to understand your profits; your line level employees and managers should all have knowledge about purchasing, inventory, and controlling costs within the business.

Things like inventory inefficiencies, theft, and waste could be keeping you from profitability. And without proper procedures in place you may not even know what’s happening until it is too late.

When we are finished, you will…

  • Have and understand profit and loss statements.
  • Have theft protection in place.
  • Have established quality controls including set company standards and procedures.
  • Have systems and software for inventory, purchasing, sales analysis, and recipe costing.

These systems will guide your employees as they work with vendors so you aren’t bleeding profits. If you understand these processes you can stay in the black during the slow months and further realize more profit during the busy ones without stress or worry.

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