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With over two decades in hospitality, Harlan has played a leading role in over 20 restaurant openings and re-conceptings. Before founding his consultancy, as an operations manager he created a proven infrastructure and developed the individuals within it for his restaurants to not just survive but thrive in a crowded field, ultimately growing into multiple concepts and locations. More than anything he loves helping others make their dreams profitable and scalable while at the same time improving quality of life for the owner and the employee. This is why he founded Harlan Scott Hospitality.

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Harlan credits his success to his philosophy of surrounding himself with good people—giving them consistent systems to create a prosperous company culture. He finds it both rewarding and humbling to be in the position to mentor chefs and managers and lend a hand to others in the industry who are on the same path that he has been on and knows so well.

Though Harlan’s services are diverse, if you look closely, they are all connected. Not only will he help you know yourself better, he will help you know your brand better. In turn your customers and employees will know you better. Find out how Harlan Scott can help you.


Whether you are looking for a second set of eyes on a small project, need a unique training manual or beverage program built for your operation, or are looking for a partner to guide your company’s growth, Harlan loves to meet new people.

*Hourly rates available and one-off deliverables are welcome, but monthly relationships are the most effective.

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