Concept Development and Brand Identity

We’ll make sure you have a clear understanding of what you are selling and to whom. After the beginning stages of research and development, you will have a concept book and business plan. Once you know what your concept means to you, you can make sure everyone who steps foot into your space knows it too.

Every detail of concept development and brand identity is saying something to a certain demographic. The end goal is to make sure you aren’t saying a little something to everyone who sets foot in your space. Instead, you should be coming in loud and clear to your target demographic that will truly support your brand. We will have you putting your own spin on what your space says to the world so you can separate yourself from the competition.

When we are finished, you will…

  • know your demographic, how many customers you need in a day, how much they need to spend for your space to be successful, and exactly how to predict these numbers.
  • know how many staff you need and what they’ll cost.
  • know the secret to bringing in new customers and creating loyal ones.

Together we will identify and measure the ingredients of your dream so that it not only tastes good to you—but to your intended customers, too.

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