We will create an opportunity to maximize your space. Too many restaurants and bars don’t recognize their potential. We will identify the capabilities and value of your empty space.

It is too easy to think of private events as a nuisance outside your core business. But not only do they provide direct revenue, they also provide residual revenue by introducing new customers or bringing in old ones that haven’t visited in a while. We will help you develop a successful events program—one that is seamless for both you and your customers.

When we are finished, you will…

  • Have event packages that your prospective clients can understand.
  • Have dedicated event management and production staff in place.
  • Know how to market your space.
  • Have event planning software and systems that you know inside and out.

If private events aren’t at least 1/5 of your business you’re doing it wrong. By putting in the work together up front we will develop a successful and easy-to-run events program that drives even more business to your space.

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