Service Etiquette

We will create service standards, not suggestions, for your staff to execute second nature. But he tenants of fine dining service, proper speech, hand gestures, and protocol have no place in a casual restaurant let alone a sports bar, right? Chalk that logic up to just another reason why the average lifespan of any bar or restaurant is just a few years. At the end of the day we are in a saturated market serving the same products, and even if your menu is entirely unique you are still serving a product that, if purchased or prepared at home, would cost the customer 75% less.

So why do people go out to eat? Why do they go to bar? Because they are hungry? Because they are thirsty? Not really. Dining is a form of entertainment. People just want to be around people. Going out is a little 2 hour vacation from the day to day grind. Your guests are on vacation and you are their tour guide, their concierge. We are in the business of hospitality not food service; not pouring vodka sodas. Remember this: Everyone comes to a restaurant once for the food, but they only come back for the service. There are a hundred subtleties practiced by Michelin star restaurants that go unnoticed by the average guest but nonetheless contribute to a subconscious feeling of quality and value.” We can teach these techniques without being stuffy. A Bud Light truly tastes better when it’s presented to the guest in an elevated environment

When we are finished, you will:

  • Understand the principles of hospitality and fine dining and how to apply them to any setting
  • Understand how different service techniques and phrases convert into increased check average and higher customer retention
  • Understand the difference between service and hospitality.

Just act better than 90% than other operations. It feels good. Your customers notice it. You make more money.

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