Operations, Policy & Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

We will create, maintain and improve on your systems so your operations run smoothly and you can focus on your customers and your life. You won’t have to spend your time putting out fires, because the procedures in place will tell your team will know exactly how to react.

Relying on a few key people isn’t sustainable for your business. Everyone from the servers to the managers must have checklists and procedures in place to ensure efficient operations. Not only does this allow you to place expectations on the staff, it gives them a clear guide for how to succeed each and every day.

When we are finished, you will

  • Have SOPs developed for each department.
  • Create and implement policies across the company.
  • Form communication standards and channels.
  • Establish checklists for opening and closing, weekly tasks, maintenance, prep, services, systems and people.
  • Produce meeting agendas and accountability calendars.
  • Be able to generate sales and forecast expenses

Creating systems that you can replicate is the only thing that will keep you from the day-to-day grind to give you and your staff quality of life. If you want your brand to grow without doubling your workload with each new project then it is critical that you put your culture and your process on paper. That’s just what we will do.

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